Thomasema Pannell

Thomasema Pannell was raised in Roosevelt, Long Island, New York. She’s retired from the United States Army. She served an honorable twenty-year career while being assigned to The White House, White House Communications Agency, The Pentagon (Task Force Russia, POW/ MIA, PERSCOM) The Department of the Army Installations, and various Joint Military Service Assignments.

Ms. Pannell is the founder of Thomasema Pannell, LLC with certified John C. Maxell as a speaker and mentor. She is the facilitator of diversified online Leadership Mastermind Sessions, Forums/ Workshops, and Virtual Instructional Communication Sessions, as well as a published author and a voiceover artist.

Ms. Pannell earned credit hours from Virginia Union University, an Associate in Science Degree from Northern Virginia Community College, a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from National Louis University, a Master of Art in Human Resources Management from Central Michigan University, and is currently enrolled at the University of Phoenix, Doctor of Management.

Ms. Pannell's community activities include Lewis Chapel Missionary Baptist Church (Choir, Bible Study, Assist the LCMBC-West Site Pastor’s Programs, North Carolina Price Hall Affiliate, The Order Of The Eastern Star, Golden Link, Chapter #67, Raeford, NC (Associate Matron, Present; Treasurer 2018/2019); Sojourner Truth Tent #770, Fayetteville, NC and Membership-National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).

Ms. Pannell is a Leader of Influence. She has Leadership Skills, Role Modeling, Persuasive Motivator, and Community Activist.

“How Well Do You Know Yourself”, “Reach One – Teach One” Author-Thomasema Pannell

You may contact Ms. Pannell via email at

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